Thursday, September 9, 2021

Back to Basics: Why We Need God's Word

This month I taught a workshop called Back to Basics. We discussed the importance of getting in the Word as well as simple tips to fill our minds with more of God's truth. I will be sharing the lesson in three parts here on the blog. First up is the basis for the lesson which is all about why we need the Word in the first place. 

I can’t start a lesson on simple ways to get into the Word without first mentioning why I believe this is important. This quote sums up so well the importance of the Word: 

“The Bible. It’s more than a playbook or a piece of literature. It’s more than the best-selling book in the world. It’s more than a paper weight or a decoration on our shelves. It’s the living, breathing, inspired Word of God. (The Journey: Turn the Page by gracespring Bible Church, page 2)” 

We need the Word because it's the way God speaks to us. His Word changes lives! 

If we’re truly going to go back to basics, we need a refresher on the good news of the gospel. The gospel isn’t just for those who need salvation. We all need to preach the gospel to ourselves often, so we don’t forget what the Lord has done for us and how it changes who we are. Here's a brief explanation of the gospel. 

We are all born into a sinful and broken world (Romans 3:23). Because of sin, we all deserve death and eternal separation from God (Romans 6:23). If this was the end of the story, we would be lost and without hope. But God provided a way where there was no way! His name is Jesus! Jesus, the only one to live a perfect life free of sin, chose to take your sin upon himself and die in your place (Romans 5:8). Isn’t that great news! But it doesn’t end there! “It was through His suffering and death that our sins were paid for through His blood. Then He rose again three days later to defeat sin, hell, and the grave (The Journey: Embrace the Life by gracespring Bible Church, page 14).” There’s nothing you can do to earn salvation. He offers it as a free gift. All you have to do is have faith and believe (Ephesians 2:8-9). Once you accept this gift, God adopts you into His family, not just to save you from hell but so you can have a relationship with him now. 

Do you believe this good news!? If so, why do so many of us often neglect to make the God’s life changing Word a daily part of our lives? What if we could fill our minds with more of God’s truth in simple ways that don’t require hours of “quiet time”? Now, let me be clear, there is absolutely value in deeper study of the scriptures (we’ll dive more into that next month). But I think it’s also common to be stuck in a cycle of shame for neglecting what we think good Christians are supposed to do. Oftentimes this shame keeps us from ever opening a Bible. Let’s take away the shame and stop making reading our Bibles something we just check off a to-do list but never let the message penetrate our hearts. He is calling you to just come into His presence. All you have to do is open your Bible and let Him speak to you through His Word. 

If you’ve accepted Him as your Savior, then praise him today! Take a few minutes to listen to the song My Jesus by Anne Wilson [watch lyric video here]. If you are not sure, listen to the lyrics and let the message sink into your heart. He can change your life if you let him.

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