Thursday, September 9, 2021

10 Ways to Get More of the Word into Your Daily Life

This post is a continuation of Back to Basics: Why We Need God's Word. This is part two from the lesson I taught at a recent Bible journaling workshop where I talked about why God's Word is important and simple ways we can get in the Word. If you're following along with the workshop lesson, be sure to read that post first. 

Now that we've discussed the importance of the Word and the Good News, let’s discuss some ways to get more the Word into your daily life. These are simple tips to keep God’s Word in your mind throughout the day. They’re not meant to replace reading and studying the Bible, but I hope that these tips can give you some practical ways to fill your mind with the truth.  

10 Ways to Get More of the Word into Your Daily Life

  1. On your phone a lot? Put an image with a verse on your phone lock and/or home screen(s) so you see it every time you pick up your phone [check out these free phone lock screens from Well-Watered Women].
  2. Maybe you work on a computer all day. You can also put a verse image on your computer background to help remind you of God’s Truth as you work. 
  3. Play uplifting worship music throughout the day. I find that the more I listen to worship music, or even just Christian music with a positive message, the better I feel throughout the day. You don’t have to be actively listening or worshipping in church to benefit from music. Just having it playing in the background is one more way that you are hearing God’s truth. [Check out the playlist I made for this month’s workshop here on Spotify]
  4. Strategically place verse cards around the house so that you see them often. Some suggestions might be your bathroom mirror, on the fridge, by your bed, next to your computer, or near the kitchen sink. These can be just notecards that you write a verse out on or printable verse cards. [Check out these scripture card sets available at Anchored Hope Prints]
  5. If you would rather something that blends in a little more with your décor, consider scripture art prints or other home décor pieces placed around your home. [Check out wall art prints available at Anchored Hope Prints]
  6. Leave your Bible open on a table where you will walk by it throughout the day. Take a moment to stop and read a verse or two whenever you can.
  7. Listen to a devotional podcast while you’re doing something else. One of my favorites is First 15.
  8. Start a scripture writing plan. It’s simple, just write out one verse per day and before you know it, you’ll have a notebook full of God’s word written in your own handwriting. You can find many writing plans online with a simple internet search. Some are topical, others are focused on a specific book of the bible. You could even just use the You Version verse of the day.
  9. Set up notifications for Bible apps like the You Version Bible app so that you see a pop up of the daily verse.  
  10. Consider the pages/people you are following on social media. Are you seeing messages that point you to the Word or the World? I know most of us love a good silly cat video or maybe you like watching hair and makeup tutorials but try to also have some Christian social media sources that remind you of the Truth. Some of my favorites are Well Watered Women and Illustrated Faith, but there’s so many out there! I also want to note that it’s okay to unfollow someone if their content isn’t right for you. This is especially true if certain people or accounts post things that make you upset or make you feel like you can’t measure up.
Did you notice how none of these tips mention Bible journaling? That's on purpose! I want to give you simple ways to fill your mind with the Word, that anyone can do and don't require much time. However, since my main goal is to help you get into the Word through Bible journaling, my final post in this series will cover tips for quick and easy Bible journaling. 

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