Monday, March 30, 2020

Join me April 4th for a FREE Online Workshop!

This Saturday April, 4th I will be going live on my Anchored Hope Bible Journaling Facebook page for a free workshop! I will be structuring the workshop similarly to my regular monthly workshops in that there will be a devotional time, art demonstration and a live journal with me. The theme for this month is trusting God in uncertain times and we'll be doing a fun crayon masking technique.

Below you will find a link to a free printable as well as a list of optional resources and supplies that you can use for your journaling time. If you want to participate in the journaling activity, you can just use a piece of paper or a notebook so you do not need to have a journaling Bible.

Since the event will happen via Facebook live, you don't need to register ahead of time but I would love to have you join me live so that we can chat and journal together. If you miss the live event you can still catch the replay at any time. I hope to "see" you there!!

Resources and Supplies 

The following are optional resources and supplies that you may want to have if you decide to follow along with me or do the technique on your own later on. Check out my recommended resources page for a list of general Bible Journaling product recommendations. There you will find several options for journaling Bibles, tools, paints, pens and more!  


  • Free Faith>Fear printable - click here to download then print on your own. Feel free to scale it down if you want the text to be a bit smaller but keep in mind that if you are doing the crayon technique that I will show, it won't work well if it is too small. 
  • Journaling Bible, Notebook or Paper - Whatever you want to do your journaling on, it doesn't have to be anything complicated. In fact, if might be a good idea to have a piece of paper to test it on first of you plan to try it in your Bible. 
  • White Crayon - The technique I am showing uses a white crayon to create a mask when you paint or color over it. It's kind of like when you used to draw on eggs before dyeing them as a kid. You can use other crayon colors but it won't be quite the same effect. It has to be a regular white crayon, not a water soluble crayon. If you can't get a hold of a white crayon, you can use the printable as a traceable to make your title. For that you'll just need a pencil and a pen that won't bleed through whatever you're journaling on. 
  • Watercolor Paint - In my tests of this technique, watercolor paint seems to work the best but you can use other coloring mediums as long as you don't use too much water. It needs to be something that is somewhat transparent so acrylics would not work unless you water them down a lot and even then I am not sure if it would work as I have not tested them. Also be careful about bleed through. Some inks or markers will work with this technique but are not safe from bleed through on Bible pages. Test it out first! 
  • Paint Brush and Water or Baby Wipes - You'll need something to wet the paint for watercolors or other coloring mediums. Baby wipes are good for things like gelatos because they provide enough wetness but not too much. 
  • Extra Embelishments - If you want to add extra things to your page like washi, stickers, a tab ect, be sure to have it ready to go. 

Additional Resources

The following are printable materials that you can find in my Etsy shop Anchored Hope Prints. These are not necessary to participate in the workshop but could be useful resources if you would like to have some additional supplies to use. I will be using some of these during the live class, particularly the verse card sets. 
  • 28 Truths from God's Word Verse Cards - I created this verse card set as a resource for several topics, many of which are relevant to the topic of the workshop. Topics like trusting in the Lord. resting in God's peace, do not fear, cast away your anxiety, you always have hope, God will provide, keep pressing on, etc. Each card features one truth with a main verse and several other related verses for you to look up. The cards are a great resource for Bible study, journaling or just as a reminder for a truth that you need for any particular day.
  • Be Still Verse Cards - I originally created this card set to give to the ladies at my church women's retreat a couple of years ago. Our theme that year was Be Still so I chose verses that help us to rest and breathe in God's presence and find peace in Him. I have been so encouraged by several people who attended that retreat who have recently reached out to me to say they pulled out these cards again during this chaotic time we are dealing with.  
  • Words of Worship Word Strips - Wordfetti or Word Strips as I call them are one of my Bible Journaling staples. I often use them for titles on my tags or extra little words in my journaling. I created this printable based on several worship songs plus other commonly used words and phrases. 
  • Rainbow Watercolor Tabs - I always put some sort of tab or something on the top of my pages to mark them. If you don' have any tabs, you can download and print this set of tabs with every color of the rainbow! It will work with the We R Memory Keepers tab punch but you can also just use scissors to cut them out. 

Bonus Resource! 

I always have music playing during our work time of my workshops and I will often create a playlist specifically for the theme I am teaching on. I made this playlist before I settled on the theme for this month but it goes perfectly with what I'll be talking about! Check it out if you need some music to go along with your Bible journaling time related to fear, peace, anxiety or trusting in God. Find it on Spotify here: It'll Be Alright Spotify Playlist.