Wednesday, May 1, 2019

28 Truths from God's Word for Prayer and Bible Study

I am so excited to officially announce that I have a new card set available in the shop called 28 Truths from God's Word for Prayer and Bible Study! I started working on this set over a year ago so I am thrilled to finally be able to share it with you.

I created this set as a way to keep simple reminders of God's truth easily accessible. I love having scripture cards on my desk or hanging on my wall so that I am filling my mind with more truth rather than lies. It can be so easy to start believing lies that say things like God doesn't care about you, there is no hope or you're worthless. But the Bible has a different story for you! God cares deeply for you, there is always hope and you were created as a masterpiece by a loving creator. I wanted to gather some of these truths that I often need to remind myself of into a set of cards as a way to combat the lies. So that's why I created the 28 Truths from God's Word card set!

My idea behind how this set would be laid out was a little different than traditional verse cards that just have a verse printed on them. The main focus of each card is one truth found in the Bible related to who God is or who we are in Christ. Each card has a key verse but also a list of additional verses that you can look up for further study. My thought is that the cards can be used for scripture writing, prayer, scripture memory or as a way to find a verse for Bible journaling.

It is my hope that this card set would be a helpful resource for you in your faith journey. Head on over to Anchored Hope Prints to purchase yours today!