Tuesday, April 30, 2019

How to Choose a Verse for Bible Journaling

Have you ever wanted to spend time in the Word journaling but were unsure of where to go?  My journaling is often inspired by things I am reading, listening to or whatever I feel like God has been teaching me. However, I often still need to do some digging to land on a specific passage. Below are my top four ways I use to choose a verse for Bible journaling.

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1. Music

My most often used way to pick a verse to journal is through music. I am often listening to praise and worship music so it's not hard to land on a song that speaks to me for some reason. many times there is a song that I have listened to frequently and know it is something I want to journal about. If I don't already have a song in mind, I will go to some of my favorite Spotify playlists and look for something that jumps out at me. Once I choose a song, I will do an online search either for the story or verses behind the song or look up parts of the lyrics and the word Bible verse to get some ideas on where to journal.

For example, here is one of my most recent entries inspired by a worship song.

I was listening to a playlist for Easter while doing some Bible journaling. I had just finished a page when I heard this song come on. I immediately knew it was something I wanted to put down in the pages of my Bible. So I typed "the cross has the final word bible verse" into my search engine and this article popped up as the first one. I found the section that mentions Bible verses that connect to the message of the song and chose the passage in Colossians to journal.

Here's some of my favorite Spotify playlists for Bible journaling inspiration

2. Sermon Notes

Another method that I will use is to base my entries on sermons. I usually take notes during the sermon on Sundays which helps me to have something to refer to later on. I do sometimes journal based on my sermon notes within a few days of listening to the sermon but I also like having the notes to refer back to for times that I am unable to journal about the sermon right away. Since I have specific passages mentioned in my notes, I just need to pick a main idea that I want to highlight and go to the verse that supports that idea. I like doing entries based on sermon notes because it gives me a chance to process the message in a different way that helps me to remember it better. One of my favorite entries based on sermon notes is this one found in Proverbs. The phrase direction not intention determines destination really stood out to me during this sermon so I used that as my main title then added some notes underneath it. I had so much that I wanted to journal, that I also added a tip-in on the opposite page to add more notes.

3. Bible Study or Devotionals

Along with sermon notes, I often have a Bible study or devotional that I am working through. These are great places to get ideas for journaling as they will be focused on something I am studying and learning about. One of the easiest ways to get ideas for Bible journaling with devotionals is through Bible journaling kits. There are several places to find Bible journaling devotional kits, but a few of the most popular are Dayspring, Illustrated Faith and By the Well for God.

Here's an example of an entry using one of the Revival Camp devotional kits from last summer. I pulled out some of the main points from the devotional as my title along with some elements from the kit. Then I made a pocket to house my journaling.

4. Topical Index

Maybe you have an idea of a topic you want to journal but are not sure of which verse to use. There are several ways you can search for verses on specific topics. One way is to check the back of one of your Bibles to see if it has an index listing different subjects or a concordance. This is typically found in study Bibles. You could also use an actual concordance which would likely be more thorough than one found in the back of a Bible. If you don't have a concordance or a study Bible, you can still search topics. You can use an app or website like Bible Gateway or YouVersion to search a word or phrase and see what comes up. You could also just do a Google search and you will get some ideas that way as well.

Another resource I like using are verse cards as a way to find verses on specific topics. I love the sets found in the Illustrated Faith print and pray shop by Taylor Rauschkolb. I also have a few card sets in my shop Anchored Hope Prints, including a brand new set 28 Truths from God's Word for Prayer and Bible Study! Read more about it here or check it out in the Anchored Hope Prints shop.

What is your favorite way to find a verse to use for Bible journaling? Let me know in the comments!

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