Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Introduction to Bible Journaling - Part 2 - Bible Journaling Methods

When I started Bible journaling, I never imagined that God would take me to a place where I would be sharing it with others. It was just something I wanted to do because it helped me connect with the Word in a different way. Now, less than a couple of years later I am passionate about sharing it because it has been so transformational in my own life and I want to share that with others so they too can experience the joy of Bible journaling. In part one, I shared more about my story of how I started Bible journaling. Now, in part two, I am going to share several methods for how to do Bible journaling, both inside and outside of a Bible. 

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Bible Journaling Inside of a Bible

When you think of Bible journaling, you probably think of using a Bible to journal in. But did you know that there are several ways you can use a Bible for journaling? Here's some ideas!

One of the first things you can do is just take simple notes in your bible. You can use a Bible with wider margins for journaling or just a regular Bible. I'm currently using a She Reads Truth Bible for notes but I also make little notations in my study Bible as well. You might already do this and even realize what your doing is bible journaling!

The next method goes along with the first, it’s highlighting. For this one, you can use highlighters to indicate different themes or topics. I like to also add emphasis to different parts of the text with underlining or circling words or phrases then taking notes in the margins. Pictured above is my She Reads Truth Bible with my favorite highlighters from The Daily Grace Co.

The last way is creative Bible journaling, my personal favorite!! When it comes to creative journaling, one of the most important things to remember is that the goal is not to create a pretty page but to spend time with God. I suggest taking time to just be still and pray before you begin.  Find inspiration from a sermon, worship song or a devotional. Then choose a verse and whatever supplies you have to use and get creating! I usually add some sort of tab at the top to make it easy to find the pages I have been working on. Then the last thing I do is add a date on my entries so I can remember where I was in my journey. Check out my Recommended Products page for ideas of what I use for creative journaling.

Bible Journaling Outside of a Bible

If Bible journaling in a Bible doesn’t sound like something you are comfortable with, or you just want to try it out first - here’s some ideas for Bible Journaling outside of a Bible.

If you like the idea of creative Bible journaling but don’t want to use a Bible - you can just use a notebook like these. If you want to add a lot of wet mediums like paints or inks, I suggest finding something with thicker paper like a mixed media paper pad. However you can use anything, even just a piece of paper and add it into another journal, book or Bible.

Another idea is a prayer journal. Here’s one that I made that I’ve done some art in but also just used it for writing out prayers. As with a notebook, you can use anything for a prayer journal. I like to use this for writing out prayers or prayer requests. Another thing I have started doing it using scripture to write personal prayers.

I’ve also done daily scripture writing. This can be as simple as just writing a scripture a day in a plain notebook or you can decorate your pages like I did here in a planner. If you need some verse ideas, look up scripture writing ideas online or use the daily verse from an app like YouVersion.

Did you know that you could print out a copy of Bible text? I’ve started doing this for Bible study and I love that I can take lots of notes and highlight without worrying about messing it up since it’s just printed on plain paper not in my bible. To do this, go to a website like, search for the text you want to study and copy it. Then paste it into a Word document or Google Doc (something that is like a word processor). After you've pasted it, you can now edit it by changing the text size, spacing and margins. Then print!

A fun idea for you scrapbookers out there is to create a scrapbook or mini book but instead of documenting photos, you are documenting your walk with God! This is one I made last fall all about gratitude. There are lots of ways you can do this. It's just putting together different pieces to create your own little book.

You can also journal inside another book like a hymnal or the book 100 Days of Bible Promises or 100 Days of Grace and Gratitude by Shanna Noel which is meant for Bible journaling. Both have a short reading with scripture references for 100 days then space for you to write notes and create. The 100 days books have been a fun way for me to get down some simple journaling and I like that there is some pre-printed art so all I have to do is add some printables with a little journaling and I have a completed journaling page!

Lastly, you can find coloring books with scripture art in them. The drawing has already been done for you, all you need to do is color it in. Who doesn’t love to feel like a kid again and color every now and then!? When coloring scriptures, I would suggest taking the time to meditate on what you are coloring like you would other forms of Bible journaling.

Final Thoughts

The main thing I always want to emphasize is that Bible journaling is meant to be a tool that helps us know God more fully. It’s not about how pretty your bible is, but that you are making the time to meet with God in (or out) of the pages of your Bible. That said, I still think that everyone is creative in some way and remember, you don’t have to be an artist. We can get so easily caught up in all the pretty things that we miss the real reason for doing it in the first place… seek HIM FIRST!

I read this recently on First 15 and I love how well it applies here; "The Bible is not God. It is designed to act as a guide to knowing its Author. It is designed to give us a desire and understanding about this God who is living, active, and near to us." This is exactly why I love Bible journaling so much!!

I hope you have been inspired to try something new. I know painting or drawing in a bible or may not be for everyone, and that’s okay! The goal is to inspire you to get into the Word and deepen your relationship with God.

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